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Jewellery Photography is the core element of JMP-STUDIO, with professional and experienced jewellery photographers we can provide the highest quality jewellery photography with an efficient turnaround time whilst ensuring that your jewellery is presented correctly and the jewellery photographs we create have a natural sparkle and shine.

Drawing on our experience and technical skill set from jewellery photography and jewellery pack shots JMP-STUDIO is well equipped to provide the highest quality product photography, we promise to treat your products with the highest level of care and attention to ensure you receive the best quality product photography whilst being able to work to tight deadlines.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our humble website, we at JMP-STUDIO strive to make the process of getting your jewellery photography or other types of photography to be a simple, effective and most of all a friendly affair.


Therefore please look through our service pages for jewellery photography for both creative and pack shot jewellery photography along with our other services of product photography, advertisement photography and store photography.


We are based in Brighton in East Sussex, south of London serving clients throughout the UK.


Feel free to contact us if you have any enquires or would like to discuss our services in more detail.


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Our  blog is a great outlet for us to publish some of our achievements, our personal projects and the latest news from JMP-STUDIO.


Our Blog is full of jewellery photography from our work from creative jewellery photography, pack shot jewellery photography along with work from our other service product photography, advertisement photography and store photography.


In addition we like to post photography of what inspires our passion for photography, personal projects and we also try and keep up-to date and share the relevant news from the markets in which we operate such as the jewellery, beauty, fashion and e-commerce industries.


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Interior & Store Photography is a service offered by JMP-STUDIO that has been very effective for our clients for both internal communication and for use in PR and marketing on a local level. With experience in photographing jewellery stores we understand the need for sensitivity towards our clients customers and the security protocols required to ensure any shoot runs smoothly.



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