"My Goal is to tell your story" 

About James

My goal is to help companies and designer brands in the luxury goods market to tell their own story and help them to successfully bring their products and services to market with professional commercial photography.



A brief history…


I am lucky enough to have found a career that I love from the very beginning, I graduated University in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Photography and immediately started my career as a professional photographer as a staff photographer. In 2012 I setup my own studio business and started working as a freelance photographer, I did this to allow myself to grow as a photographer. Now with over 10 years experience as a successful professional photographer, I am well suited to not only help clients with their commercial product photography and retail photography, but to be able to help them with advice on creating a visual brand identity and how best to utilise their visual marketing assets. 



What do I do…

I help clients with their commercial photography needs, these clients tend to be within the luxury goods market. I specialise in product photography which, includes jewellery photography and still life photography, as well as helping clients to photograph their retail stores and commercial spaces with a retail photography service.


The reason why I chose to specialise in luxury goods is because of my love for well crafted products, I really admire the passion and design that went into creating these beautiful products.

The Studio


The studio is a small but is well equipped home based studio in Haywards Heath, fitted out with some of the best known studio and photographic brands such as Nikon and Profoto. It is specifically setup and designed to handle product photography with ease and offer the highest degree of quality on every shoot whilst maximising efficiency. 

The majority of my equipment can be packed and loaded with ease, which means I can travel and setup up a temporary studio at any location.  

For large scale productions or specific requirements, I have a number of rental studios already shortlisted for use in London and Brighton.


Studio visits are by appointment only.