Past Projects

One of the best parts of working as a commercial photographer is the ability to create various amazing visual assets for clients, with photographer's portfolios only being able to showcase one to two images from any given project.


 I therefore created these pages to be able to showcase some of my photography projects in their entirety and have a place to be be able to publish client's testimonials.  

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Watches of 



Retail photography shoot for the largest multi-channel retailer of luxury watches and jewellery in the markets they operate

One of a series of retail photography shoots for the Watches of Switzerland Group.


This shoot was for the Watches of Switzerland branded stores in Cardiff's St David's Dewi shopping mall after a major refurbishment that was completed in early 2019. 

The brief for the shoot was to capture the store using a mix of wide shots that showed the store in its entirety from each corner and the entrance, as well as well composed shots that are able show the branded watch displays. Externally each aspect needed to be photographed to show its place in the mall.


Limitations fo the shoot, timing, the shoot needs to be completed within 2-3 hours to minimise disruption to the store, all the shots require no people to be visible where possible, externally the mall themselves who need to give permission for the shoot to go ahead has restrictions on using too wide a shot, that might include too much of the surrounding mall in the images and lastly the architecture of the mall that required a pillar to be built directly in front of the store entrance.  

To avoid people, as the shoots are conducted in open hours of the store I use patience and just wait for the right moment where possible, however in certain places there is an almost constant flow of people, therefore I employ a technique of using multiple shots that capture the scene with portions of emptiness then combine these images to create final empty store image, this can be very effective doe work to minimise people but sometimes the sheer number of people can make this impossible for every angle

The shoot itself took 3 hours on-site, normally this type of shoot would be approx. hours, the editing time was 5 hours and total travel time was 6 hours.

All the photographs from this shoot are below.