Past Projects

One of the best parts of working as a commercial photographer is the ability to create various visual assets for clients, with photographer's portfolios only being able to showcase one to two images from any given project.


 I therefore created these pages to be able to showcase some of my photography projects in their entirety and have a place to be be able to publish client's testimonials.  

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Baroque Bespoke Fine Jewellery

Jewellery photography shoot for one of Brighton's best, unique and creative jewellers based in the heart of the Brighton Lanes

One of many packshot jewellery photography shoots that was completed for Baroque earlier this year.


The shoot was predominantly made up of rings, each ring required 2-3 shots. The rings style guide is to have one shot at a elevated angle looking down at the ring to show the stone, the shank and any other details such as Pavé settings in a single shot. Then additional shots for those with a centre stone or a wed fit design a side profile and front on shot of the ring was required. For bands the second shot is a lower angle to be able to better show the thickness of the band and any Pavé present. For large stones or special designs an additional shot maybe required.

For the earrings and necklace, 1-3 shoots was required depending on the item and how much more detail could be gained from an additional shots. 


In total the number of final shots produced was 64 from 22 products, all of these images can be viewed in the below gallery.


If any of you have tried photographing jewellery you may know already that you require a macro lens to be able to "fill the frame" and get quality results, but an issue that come into play macro lenses is something called shallow depth of field, to overcome this and to be able to be able to create these images I use an advanced technique called Focus Stacking, what this means is that I can take a series of shots and change the focus slightly in-between each shot, then using specialist software I can combine the multiple images into one perfectly focused image that keeps the whole piece of jewellery in focus. Therefore to create these 64 images, I took almost 2500 images.  

The total time to complete the project was approx. 3 days, this included the time to shoot the 2500 images, then combine them into the 64 final images and then finally retouch those 64 images to a professional standard and deliver to Baroque. All those images are below.