• James Morris

Are you making these e-com mistakes?

A survey of 1,213 UK adults by digital marketing agency Marketing Signals has revealed that a 58% of e-comerce sites discourages potential customers with simple to fix errors. Their research has revelled some interesting reasons that can put off potential customers from making their purchase from a given website.

The biggest mistake e-comerce sites make is a lack of professional Product Photography

1. Not so great Product Photography

This is no surprise to me, but two thirds or 61% of those asked said the primary reason not to make purchase was either insufficient or poor quality product imagery.

If feel your product photography is not up to scratch, then please do get in touch I would be more than happy to grab a coffee and spend some time with you to chat about what your doing now and find out how we can work together to improve what you are currently doing.

2. Poor Copywriting

Not too far behind bad product photography was having poor copy or product descriptions, with 57% stating it as a reason to pass on certain sites. Good copywriting is great for converting sales on your e-com site but also getting site visitors in the first place as it is so important to SEO.

3. Bad Customer Service

Third in the list, is poor customer service with 52% not being happy with a websites lack of customer service. I feel this is a must for any purchase I make as I always want to know who I can contact should there be any issues with the service or product.

4. Pop Up... no thank you.

47% of people thought the pop up widows on a home pages were intrusive, I'll have to add my name to this one, especially those where the close button doesn't seem to work!

5. Complicated Checkout

This is one of the most common reasons why I give up on a purchase, 43% of people are deterred by overly complex checkouts

6. Little or no Social Media presence

41% of people said that a website that has little or no social media presence would put them off.

7. Mobile friendly.

For those website that are not optimised for mobile, 27% said that a non optimised website would stop them making a purchase.